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Welcome to TV Channeling, the in-depth TV Review & Entertainment News Podcast where Kevin & Tachi talk and laugh behind TV’s back!

TV Channeling

If you’re watching it, we’re talking about it!

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TV Channeling Podcast

If you’re watching it, we’re talking about it!

What people are saying about TV Chanelling...

“These two are hilarious. They have interesting, thoughtful and very amusing takes on television in all its form. This is a thoroughly entertaining, informative and FUN podcast. The greatest thing about both Kevin and Tachi is that they both have great voices for broadcasting and yet they both sound so natural. When you listen to their podcast you want to jump up and get in on the conversation.



“Thanks for helping me smile through my workday! I love this podcast ”


-Sheri Singer 418

“These two love their TV and they are having a great time. They make me laugh and have a fun right along with them!”



“TV Channeling should be your one stop podcast for all things TV. The host are engaging and have an obvious passion for shows. This is the perfect companion for help you decide what to watch next. Give them a listen and subscribe!”



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