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Dr. Chetachi (Tachi) Egwu is media professor, social media consultant, podcaster, filmmaker and journalist and one half of the creative team behind the TV Channeling podcast. She has fully jumped into the live streaming revolution as the host of MediaScope on the streaming platforms Periscope, Facebook Live and LinkedIn Live and WJMSradio.com. She co-hosts two other live streamed shows, And We’re Live and Sci Fi Saturdays with Keith C. Wade.


Tachi’s work has been featured in various types of publications such as The Grio, and she is a contributor/media producer for The Burton Wire.


An avid filmmaker, she co-produced and co-directed the documentaries Runway Afrique and co-produced directed and did the cinematography for the documentary Sunshine Chic.

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Kevin Williams is a Los Angeles-based podcaster, blogger and columnist. He founded the site bigmanout.com, where he wrote the Big Man Out advice column and authored television, movie and music reviews.

As a podcaster, Kevin’s content on entertainment and tech has been featured on the podcast app Anchor.  He is the creator and host of Last Weekly Box Office. Kevin is also one half of the creative team behind the five star -rated entertainment news and review podcast TV Channeling, and creator and cohost of the pop culture and news podcast Last Weekly.

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